Sunday, November 7, 2010

Julie Camden-Hastings

Julie Camden-Hastings:

Julie is Eric younger sister, she came to Glen Oak for Thanks Giving and ended up attacking Simon for the key to the liquor cabinet, while trying to hide from the family that she was an alcoholic. She stayed with them for months while Eric tried to get her back on her feet by locking him self and her in his bedroom. She soon after checked herself into a rehab center. She came out sober and not to long after met a wonderful guy named Dr. Hank Hastings. They got married because she was pageant, and the day they told her parents was the day Eric had a heart attack. The day the baby was born she was going to live Hank because she was mad he spent the day the beautiful pregnant women. She gave birth at the Camden`s house, and named her daughter after Eric and Annie, Erica. not long after she came back want to leave Hank again, Eric locked them in a room and would not let them out tile they worked it out. They finally made up, and Hank learns that Julie is going to have another baby, a baby boy. They were both at Lucy wedding.


Ainne Camden`s Parents

Jenny Jackson & Charles Jackson :

Jenny Jackson:

Grandma Jenny was only in season one of 7th Heaven, she made a few appearance in Lucy`s dream`s in season 10 to give her advice. When she was first introduced it was when she came to Glen Oak to announce she has Leukemia and was going to die very soon. They want to keep it for the kids and they did but Matt new something was wrong. Grandma Jenny told Matt in the end. They came but to Glen oak to see them one last time. She made an appearance in Annie`s dream to say good-bye. She die in her sleep that night.

Charles Jackson:

Charles ( Grandpa) was introduced when his wife Jenny told the Camden`s about her having Leukemia and after she died at the funeral. He left right after the service he did not what the kids or Annie to see him in pain. He came back to be Annie at the end of the day. He comes back 6 months later with his new girlfriend Ginger, that really up sets Annie. Later he returns with  Alzheimer's disease and that brings more pain to Annie and her family. He even gets Simon into a low speed car chase. When he comes back to tell Annie she has a half-sister named Lily she was not happy at all. The last time Charles comes to visit is for Lily wedding and he past away in is sleep the night before her wedding. 

This video is about Grandma Jenny`s death.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Wilson West

Wilson West :

Wilson West (played by Andrew Keegan) is a teenage father, and was Mary's on again, off again boyfriend. He met Mary at the park when she was with Ruthie and he was playing with his son Billy. Billy's mother die giving birth. At first the Camden's had no idea that Billy was his son. Everyone thought it was his younger bother, eventually Wilson told Mary they her parents. Eric and Annie tried to prevent Mary from going put with Wilson at first then gave him a chance because they knew his father. They broke up many times but Mary got back together with Wilson after moving to Buffalo, she was like a mother to Billy and they were going to get married. Wilson come home to Mary kissing Ben on the coach and that ended their relationship.The next time we see Wilson is when he came to give advice to a new teenage father. He ended up getting married to Corey Conway one of Mary's old basketball teammate and friend who had a daughter at 14 year old. Everyone was happy for Wilson, but probably because Mary can’t hurt him anymore. Mary was the centre of his life. But had to brake Wilson’s heart so many times and left Billy without saying good-bye. In the end he got the perfect life of him and is son. He really loved Mary but she loved alot of other people.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Ben Kinkirk & T-Bone

Ben Kinkirk:

Ben Kinkirk is played by Geoff Stults.
Ben is Kevin Kinkirk younger brother, we met been in season 6 when he and Mary were both training to be firefighter. Mary was with Wilson West at the time, Ben came over to see if Mary wanted to go out with him and the rest of the team... so said no but Ben stayed to help her study. When Wilson got home he found them kiss on the coach. That broke Mary and Wilson up... Mary and Ben had a on and off relationship, until he proposed at the airport...she said no. The next time we see Ben is at Lucy and Kevin`s wedding. Him and Mary never did become anything more then just friends.  


Theodore "T-Bone" Jr. played by Colton James.
T-Bone is 16 years old and works as a ticket vendor of the movie theater on the promenade. He first came in to the Camdens lives when he had pizza with Lucy which really made Kevin mad. About two months earlier he was living at the Camden`s. He broke in the the Glen Oat church to sleep there and use there bathroom. T-Bone started falling of Ruthie when she came home and he kissed her. They became boyfriend and girlfriend and started talking about having sex... but didn`t and then both got tattoo`s.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Martin Brewer

Martin Brewer:

Martin Brewer is played by Tyler Hoechlin.
Martin is the only son of a Marine, Beau Brewer, his mother had pasted away. He was living with his Aunt Betsy. They moved to Glen Oak in his sophomore year in high school. He met the Camden family in a very weird way... He followed Ruthie and Peter into the house and stayed in the leaving room all day meeting the Camden's one by one. They all thought he was a friend of Simon's. Simon thought he was there to see his dad because he had some kind of problem... All Martin wanted really was to met some people around the neighbourhood. They made him feel welcome. His Aunt wanted to move to New York because she was a fashion designer. Eric and the family let Martin stay with them till she returned or his father came home. He was into baseball and wanted to be in the Major leagues.  Martin life got very complicated very fast, because when he went to see Simon one summer, he soon got the news he got a girl named Sandy pregnant and was going to be a teen father... His son Arron was born and Ruthie was not happy her was heartbroken. Martin moved away to collage to be closer to his son and start his life with them. He hides out later that its not his baby its Simon's and confesses his love to Ruthie... who had already moved on to T-Bone and Martin was the one left heartbroken in the end.

Robbie Palmer

Robbie Palmer:

Robbie Palmer is played by Adam LaVorgna.
Mary met Robbie when she was doing community service after being arrested, she was in love with him, he was in love with her.... or so we thought ?!? The Camden's let them date at the house because they didn't trust Robbie. Robbie asked to bring Mary to a coffee shop to met his parents but it turned out to be a hotel... Mary punched him and left. A couple of months later her was back to get a second chance with Mary, they started dated... Robbie had a girlfriend named Cheryl at the same time, she saw Robbie out with Mary and decided to tell Mary. They broke up again. Not to long after that he came back with Cheryl asking Eric to marry them because she was pregnant... but that was a lie... Cheryl didn't want Robbie to leave her. Robbie did leave her after he found out it was a lie and ended up homeless. Eric Camden found him on the street, and decided to bring him home. He became like a member of the family. Mary being in Buffalo called home but Robbie picked it up... Mary thought he was with Lucy because she didn't
know he was leaving there.
Mary moved on... well she got back together with Wilson the teen father she meet in high school. Leaving Robbie heartbroken... Lucy was also on the rebound from her ex-fiance so... Robbie and Lucy started dating... that latest like a week. Robbie did find Joy she was a great girl for Robbie but she moved... and then there was Roxanne.. that didn't last long. Robbie's mom got sick and he left for Florida to be a real big brother to his brothers Rick and Ronald.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Petrowski Family

Peter, Paris and Vic Petrowski:

Peter and his mom Paris (played by Shannon Kenny) became neighbors to the Camden's in season 7.Peter Petroswski (played by Scotty Leavenworth) was in Ruthie class and they became very good friends.
Peter was Ruthies first real boyfriend and first real love in her life. Peter was not the best influence on Ruthie, he had a smoking problem when he met Ruthie then he tried drinking with his friends after lying to Ruthie and his mom about were he would be that night. Peter was a good kid, and he was good for Ruthie most of the time, but Ruthie was really helpful to Peter all of the time. Peter was in Ruthie's life for 3 seasons, In those season's Peter's dad Vic (played by Bryan Callen)  a recovering alcoholic came back in to the picture. Vic is a collage art teacher. Peter and his family moved away so they could be closer to Vic's work. They came back wanting Eric Camden to marry them, and Paris was expecting a child at the time. Then the very last time we hear from the Petrowski's is in season 10 (episode "highway to cell") when Peter and Vic stop by to say hi to the Camden's. The family started out broken and ended back together.